How to Fix Drains and Sinks

It happens to everyone. After weekssink leaking picture, months or years of washing debris such as debris, hair, soap residue and grease down the drain, the sink gets clogged. Although this situation can be frustrating, it is never advised to simply ignore a clogged drain. Doing so will only make the problem worse which can be costly. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix drains and sinks that, if you address the problem early, are easy to do and very effective. Read on about different drain repair services and find out how to fix drains and sinks for yourself.

The natural approach

When figuring out how to fix drains and sinks that have gotten clogged or blocked, it’s often best to start with the safest, most natural method first. Look back to your science fair days for a moment. Remember when you made those volcanoes that spewed lava made of baking soda and vinegar? Use that same principle to help unclog your drain. Place about a tablespoon of baking soda into your drain and then pour in about a quarter cup of vinegar. Give the mixture about half an hour to form the necessary chemical reaction and then pour some hot water into the drain to remove any residue and residual odors. The hot water will also assist in getting rid of the grease build up and anything else that may still be sticking to the drain.

Chemical cleaners

If the natural route doesn’t work – and sometimes it won’t — you may need to step up your efforts to fix your drain or sink. Chemical drain cleaners are designed to break down whatever is clogging the drain and clear it out. Take caution when you are using these products, however. They are potentially very dangerous if used improperly. Keep at a safe distance and avoid inhaling the fumes from the chemical drain cleaner. Never use chemical drain cleaners if your pipes are plastic, however! Doing so could damage the pipes very severely.

Get professional help

If neither of these methods works, you may need to call in a professional plumber to unclog your drain. A plumber can troubleshoot the issue you’re having to get to the bottom of the problem and then devise the best plan of action to fix it. Contacting a qualified plumber will help save you time and hassle because they can expertly diagnose the problem and they have the tools and expertise necessary to fix a myriad of clogged drain issues. They have tools that most average homeowners do not have and they have access to specialty plumbing products that will effectively clear just about every kind of clog you can imagine.

The best solution is prevention

Although a good plumber will be able to clear your drain or sink effectively, the best idea is to avoid getting clogged plumbing in the first place. Don’t pour grease from cooking down the sink; let it solidify in a container and then throw it in the garbage. Scrape dishes into the garbage before you put them into the sink to be washed and ast a preventative measure pour some very hot water down the drain weekly. This will help to prevent build up that can eventually clog your drain.

Also, people with long hair should brush their hair prior to taking a shower. This may seem counter-intuitive, but this is recommended because doing so will reduce the amount of loose hairs on the head that will fall into the drain. Hair is a major clogging agent in bathrooms. Also related to this is the user of thick. rich conditioners, dyes and other hair products. Use these as sparingly as possible because they, too, can clog the drain once they are rinse away.

Finally, a good way to reduce the likelihood that a drain will become clogged is to buy a drain catcher for all of your drains. These will catch hair, food, grease and other debris and prevent it from going down the drain. This will go a long way toward preventing clogs and the subsequent problems that can create.

Remember, when it comes to sinks and drains, the best strategy is to prevent clogs altogether. The reality of it is, though, that a rain will inevitably become blocked. For those times that at-home remedies don’t work, it’s a good idea to call an experienced plumber.


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